Metal surface electroless plating has broad prospects for development
Electroless plating refers to a process of reducing a metal ion to a metal and depositing a metal plating on a surface of a part by using a reducing agent in the plating solution without an applied current.

As a new type of metal surface treatment process, electroless plating is widely used in many fields, and it has attracted more and more attention due to its energy saving, environmentally friendly and simple process. In terms of protective performance, it can improve the corrosion resistance and service life of the workpiece; in terms of functionality, it can improve the special functions such as wear resistance, electrical conductivity and lubricity of the workpiece, and thus becomes a hot spot of surface treatment technology.

At present, the field of electroless plating in China is constantly expanding. Hardware, electronic communication and computer equipment have become the major demanders of electroless plating. Many electroless plating processes and materials are formally developed according to the development needs of electronic communication and calculator industry. These industries are based on the corrosion resistance and wear resistance of electroless plating, especially solderability, electrical conductivity, magnetic properties, connection properties, electromagnetic shielding and so on.

For example, electronic devices must be shielded to prevent electromagnetic and interference, and electroless nickel alloys are recognized as the most effective masking method. In addition, crystal oscillators, transistors, IC chips, high-energy microwave tubes, seat tubes, ceramic substrates, plugs, computer hard disks, etc. are all made of electroless alloy.

In the oil and gas equipment industry, a large number of chemical plating is used to improve its corrosion resistance. For example, in oil pipelines and various spare parts, if the general low-carbon copper parts are used, the service life is only 2-3 months. On the contrary, the electroless nickel-plated alloy pump, impeller and other parts have a life span of up to four months. The above; as the connector of the civilian water pipe is a copper product, due to long-term exposure to water, copper rust, pollution of water sources, the use of electroless plating to solve the problem of copper rust.

In the chemical industry, the use of electroless plating technology solves the corrosion problem of equipment, equipment parts greatly improve the service life; on the other hand, it also promotes the purity of chemical products and the production of, so in this industry The application prospects are also considerable.

Future electroless plating will enter a period of rapid development in China.

There are three reasons:

First, due to the needs of environmental protection, energy conservation and technological advancement, China's traditional electroplating industry will limit development. According to relevant information, there are currently more than 30,000 electroplating factories in the country. In the future, the state will no longer issue licenses for new electroplating plants, and the original old factories will be reduced by 10% per year until they are controlled at around 6,000 in the country. After such a large number of shutdowns of the electroplating plant, its business will be filled by electroless plating.

Second, with the development of some major projects or emerging industries in China, the demand for electroless plating has increased significantly. For example, many units in the Three Gorges Project require a large number of applications of electroless plating. In addition, the electronics industry, especially the computer and mobile phone industries, is booming, and electroless plating is also essential.

With the application of the third special materials and the development of the automotive industry, electroless plating will also bring new fields. For example, solving the mixed fuel of ethanol and gasoline is the development trend of the current automobile industry, and the urgent task of using mixed fuel is the anti-corrosion problem of the fuel system. According to the experience of the United States, the electroless nickel-plated alloy is used in various power systems and transmission systems such as automobile vaporizers, fuel pumps, oil delivery systems, fuel injectors, etc., to solve the corrosion problem of gasoline mixed fuel, and also to improve the automobile. Horsepower and reliability.

With the maturity of China's electroless plating technology, the development of the domestic auto industry and electronics industry has brought a broad market and bright prospects for electroless plating.

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