Delivery of the first all-aluminum traffic emergency express boat
       In order to improve the rapid emergency response capability of the water traffic emergency in Jiaxing navigation area, the emergency high-speed boat organized by the Municipal Port and Shipping Administration, Zhehai Patrol 02118, was successfully launched, and the statutory inspection and various operational data tests were successfully completed. jobs. It is reported that this is the first all-aluminum traffic emergency high-speed boat in our province.

       It is reported that Zhehai Patrol 02118 has a total length of 10.5 meters, a width of 2.6 meters, a draft of 0.6 meters, a rated power of 235 kilowatts, and a maximum speed of 43 kilometers per hour. At the beginning of the design, the city's port and shipping department conducted research and analysis on the main-scale line elements, power matching, and maneuverability of such ship types, and entrusted the CSRC Research Institute to produce models. Various floating state drag test tests such as light load, heavy load, increased interceptor, increased tail pressure wave plate, and steady center of gravity adjustment were obtained, and detailed technical parameters for constructing the boat were obtained. At the same time, in order to realize the "quality" leap of the emergency transportation boat at the speed, the main engine of the boat selects a high-power, small-volume diesel engine and uses imported aluminum alloy as the hull.

    "The boat has not only been reduced in weight, but also equipped with independent generator sets to provide sustainable energy for emergency search lamps, submersible pumps and other emergency aids. The AIS system has been upgraded and designed to achieve AIS. The system is synchronized with the operation of the boat, which reduces the mistakes of human operation.” The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Port and Shipping Administration said that the boat has the characteristics of small resistance, fast speed and convenient operation during navigation, which can well meet the narrow and emergency channel. Rescue and anti-pollution emergency response speed requirements. Its putting into use will promote the integrated construction of the city's water cruise emergency aid, effectively respond to water traffic safety emergencies, reduce accident losses, and protect the lives and property of the people.

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