Alcoa Canada and Israel's Phinergy jointly promote aluminum air batteries
       Can an electric car run for 19 hours in a row, from Toronto to Halifax 1800 km away, without parking for charging? This will be feasible in theory. Recently, Alcoa Canada and Israel's Phinergy have demonstrated such a battery technology with super endurance to the public in Montreal.

       Weighing 100 kg, just add water every month.

       The biggest obstacle to the difficulty of popularizing electric vehicles driven by lithium-ion batteries is the limited mileage. The current endurance is mostly between 135 km (Nissan Leaf) and 480 km (Tesla S-type), unless a large number of fast charging stations are installed. Otherwise, it is not suitable for driving an electric car for long distance travel. Alcoa Canada and Israeli company Phinergy's new 100 kg aluminum air battery stores enough electricity to drive 3,000 kilometers. In contrast, the Tesla Model S has a battery of more than 500 kilograms and a mileage of less than 500 kilometers.

       Aluminum air battery can make the car last for 3,000 kilometers

       The new battery is not charged from the general grid, but is charged in the melting plant of Alcoa's hydroelectric power station. The fully charged battery is actually a heavy panel made mostly of aluminum. The aluminum plate uses the oxygen absorbed from the air and the water that the user adds to the car to chemically convert the aluminum into alumina, thereby releasing energy and continuously powering the car. The oxidation of aluminum occurs naturally when aluminum is exposed to the air. The surface of the alumina prevents the deep aluminum from continuing to react. The new technology used in the new battery contains an electrolyte that dissolves the surface oxide layer and allows the reaction to continue.

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