The future prospects of the aluminum structural parts market are quite clear
At present, aluminum alloy has become an important structural material. Taking the aircraft as an example, the main beam, the skin, the landing gear, and the frame can be made of aluminum alloy as a structural material. In addition, the instrument cabin and fuel tank above the launch vehicle are also made of aluminum alloy. Aluminum alloy structural parts have been widely used in various fields due to factors such as good mechanical strength and light weight. However, due to different application scenarios, the requirements for aluminum alloy structural parts are not the same: chemical equipment does not have excessive mechanical strength requirements for aluminum alloy structural parts, but it needs to resist corrosion, and aircraft structural components need to have higher hardness. With strength. For aluminum alloy structural parts used in locomotives, communication equipment, automobiles, etc., high precision is required, which has high requirements for the manufacturing process.

The precision aluminum alloy structural parts are manufactured by using the mold filling technology. After the product is formed, it is supplemented by finishing processing, and finally the precision aluminum alloy structural parts are obtained. The precision of the precision aluminum alloy structural parts can reach the wire level (0.01 mm).

According to the analysis of the report of China Precision Aluminum Alloy Structure Manufacturing Industry Report of Prospective Industry Research Institute, precision aluminum alloy structural parts have a tendency to replace other structural parts, and in recent years, global aluminum alloy manufacturing capacity has also shifted to domestic production. The proportion of China's aluminum alloy precision structural parts in metal precision structural parts has been greatly improved; Nowadays, the manufacture of aluminum alloy precision structural parts has become the development focus of China's metal industry.

Moreover, the popularity of various downstream application scenarios has also provided a broad market space for the development of aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing. All kinds of equipment in the communication industry, aluminum alloy precision structural parts have a greater dependence, the curtain of automobile lightweight has been opened, and various international parts companies have begun to deploy in China, China's aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry will Mianlian has unprecedented opportunities for development.

In addition, due to the stable performance, high precision and clean production of precision aluminum alloy structural parts, it is favored by many investors. At present, China's aluminum alloy precision structure manufacturing industry is in a completely competitive situation, but due to the rapid development of downstream high-tech applications, the industry is still in a growth cycle.

And because the market downstream of the industry is widely distributed, and there is a long technology update delivery cycle in the automotive and communications fields, the market does not have large volatility.

In general, when precision aluminum alloy structure manufacturing enterprises develop markets downstream, they need to pay attention to the industrial clusters in the communication field and the automotive field, and strive to achieve synergy with these industries. At the same time, improving its technical strength, especially mold research and development, precision processing technology, will help to enhance the overall strength of the company.

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