New aluminum alloys or explosive growth
The gap in supply of new aluminum alloys in China is obvious. Chuan Cai Securities believes that aluminum prices are expected to form a continuous upward trend, especially the new aluminum alloy is a domestic gap, and is expected to explode. With more than 20 years of experience and equipment advantages, the global aluminum giant Zhongwang's first-mover advantage will continue to be released.


Correlation analysis shows that the new aluminum material has a wide space. At present, more than 90% of high-performance aluminum alloy materials used in domestic aviation, high-speed rail and subway are imported. In the data, the gap between the growth rate of primary aluminum and aluminum alloy is still relatively large. Taking the transportation sector as an example, in the entire transportation equipment industry such as automobile, railway transportation, ocean transportation, aviation, etc., aluminum alloy materials with light weight, excellent performance and recyclable use have shown great advantages.



As the world's leading R&D manufacturer of aluminum processing products, Zhongwang has been committed to lightweight development in the fields of transportation, machinery and power engineering. In the transportation sector, Zhongwang's products are mainly used as parts and components for end products such as train freight, passenger cars, urban rail transit (underground railways and light rail), road freight and passenger cars.


At present, Zhongwang is currently one of the few companies in China that can develop and manufacture aluminum extrusion products with a speed of 300km/h, 350km/h to 400km/h. Some large-section products, such as the wide plate of the high-speed rail head part, At present, only two or three companies such as Zhongwang can produce.


In addition, Zhongwang is also actively expanding its deep processing business and continuously increasing the proportion of high value-added products. Zhongwang maintains good and close cooperation with many well-known transportation equipment companies at home and abroad. Relying on advanced production facilities and specialized product and process design teams in the deep processing center, Zhongwang has been able to provide customers with everything from product design to production service. Solutions. Today, Zhongwang has successfully developed high value-added deep processing products with huge market potential, such as industrial aluminum pallets, high-cold high-speed rail cars, new energy bus bodies, passenger car bodies and parts.

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