Social stocks fell for two consecutive weeks, aluminum prices or staged rebound
The social stocks of the aluminum city fell for two consecutive weeks. The domestic and international economic data were all good, and the market sentiment improved greatly. Shanghai Aluminum opened higher overnight and rushed to the 14,000 yuan/ton integer mark.

Shanghai aluminum main force 1805 contract: last night's opening price rose 120 yuan, or 0.87%; closing price rose 170 yuan, or 1.23%; today morning opened up 190 yuan, or 1.37%; as of Beijing time 10:33 new offer 14070 Yuan/ton, up 210 yuan, or 1.52%.

Shanghai aluminum current month 1804 contract: as of 10:35 Beijing time, the new offer of 14060 yuan / ton, up 215 yuan, or 1.55%.

Lun aluminum reopened today: the opening price rose 13 dollars, or 0.65%, the Asian plate went up; as of 10:35 Beijing time, the new price was 2038 US dollars / ton, up 33 dollars, or 1.65%. Get rid of the nearly eight-month low of $1996/ton that was created last week due to a surge in inventories.

In terms of spot yesterday, middlemen and downstream companies are willing to accept goods, and aluminum prices are expected to rebound in stages.

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