Mold special aluminum - super hard mold aluminum Alumold

General overview

The thick alloy of this product has very strong hardness and strength properties. ALUMOLD 600 is mainly used for injection molding abrasives and large loading tools. Its high strength and hardness characteristics have excellent wear resistance and non-breakdown!


Processing process


         Repair welding

         Splicing welding is not suitable


         Good machinability

         Since the ALUMOLD 600 plate passes through the stretching process, there is no subsequent heat treatment;


         Corrosion characteristics

         Suitable for inland and marine climate conditions;


         Surface treatment performance


         Decorative, not suitable

        Polishing performance

         Plating Luo is very suitable

         Electroless nickel plating

         Chemical texture is very suitable



         The ALUMOLD 600 plate has a T651 state and is quenched-stretched and has the following dimensions:

         Thickness standard width

12-101.6mm 1020mm, 1520mm


chemical composition

ALUMOLD 600 plate is made of alloy of 7XXX series mainly containing zinc, magnesium and copper;


Physical properties


Density 2.86g/cm3

         Modulus of elasticity 72500MPa

         Poisson coefficient 0.33

         Thermal expansion coefficient 23.4-6K-1

              Thermal conductivity 130-140W/Mk

         Specific heat capacity 960J/Kg K


Mechanical behavior

         Minimum tensile properties (T651)

         Thickness tensile strength yield strength elongation

 12-25.4mm 630 580 10

  25.4-38.1mm 630 570 8

  38.1-50.8mm 600 540 6

  50.8-76.2mm 590 530 4

  76.2-101.6mm 590 530 3


Standard strength of different thickness

          Thickness tensile strength yield strength elongation hardness

 12-25.4mm 640 600 11 185

  25.4-38.1mm 640 590 9 185

  38.1-50.8mm 630 575 7 185

  50.8-76.2mm 630 575 6 185

  76.2-101.6mm 620 565 4 185


Thickness tolerance

Thickness tolerance (positive) flatness

12-25.4mm 0-1mm 0.2%

25.4-50.8mm 0-1.5mm 0.2%

50.8-76.2mm 0-2mm 0.2%


76.2-101.6mm 0-2.6mm 0.2%

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