Home building materials or enter the "aluminum alloy" era
        Homewares say goodbye to wood, and the realization of all-aluminum customization is no longer just an idea. On June 29th, the reporter learned from the launch conference of the practical aesthetics aluminum art home national investment and the new three board listing, Hunan Jieyi Technology can achieve better application in office products and home furniture through the modular assembly of aluminum art. Can bid farewell to the pollution caused by traditional decoration.

        It is understood that Jay Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in August 2011. It is the only company in the industry with post-doctoral research workstations. It is also the only company in the industry that has established a love fund with the China Red Cross. At the same time, it is also the only listed company in the industry listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange (share code 20355).

        Peng Guixi, general manager of Hunan Jiehao Technology Co., Ltd. introduced that Jieyi Aluminum Art household products all use pollution-free aluminum profiles, and through the three-dimensional honeycomb structure, to eliminate indoor pollution from the roots, and home design mainly comes from the modern minimalist style of IKEA. And using the module splicing method, you can achieve value preservation and value-added recycling.

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