The new era of micro-business under "Internet +" Where is the next opportunity for traditional alumi

At present, the biggest challenge brought by the Internet is how to understand the good communication will lead to faster understanding of the product. Therefore, word of mouth management is more important. Enterprise development needs to conform to the trend of the times, be good at exploring marketing points, and choose the right marketing model to be eliminated in the competition.

Nowadays, the market is changing rapidly, and the trick of "changing the same thing" may not be so effective. In the face of this "cake" that companies are competing for, the company needs to fully measure its own development path, and whether it can "digest" this "cake" intact. Enterprises can't put all their eggs in one basket. Only by exploring new marketing points in the process of continuous exploration, and looking for new ways to compete in the fierce market competition, another way to success.

     On March 5, 2015, at the Third Session of the 12th National People's Congress, Premier Li Keqiang first proposed the "Internet +" action plan in the government work report.

What is "Internet +"? Some professionals said that "Internet +" is "Internet + various traditional industries", but it is not a simple addition of the two, but the use of information and communication technology and the Internet platform to allow the Internet to deepen integration with traditional industries and create new ones. Develop ecology.

Today's "Internet +" has become a major trend of development. So in the field of aluminum processing, what kind of spark will the traditional aluminum processing enterprise + Internet have?

Following the government's "Internet +" action plan, which lasted for half a year, through a strong technology development team and market research and planning, American Airlines Metal (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. actively sought change.

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