What is the content of finished product inspection and quality control of aluminum alloy extruded ma
       The inspection of finished products of aluminum alloy extruded materials mainly includes the chemical composition, organization, performance, size and shape of the products, surface marking and other items. The inspection and acceptance are carried out according to the batch. The inspection procedures are as follows:

       1 Whether the batch number, aluminum alloy status and specifications submitted for inspection and acceptance are consistent with the processing and production card. Then, the items are inspected item by item according to the technical standards stipulated in the contract order.

       2 Review whether the Pear Inspection Reports of the organization and performance are complete and clear, and the size and surface inspection can be carried out after the item-by-item examination is passed, and it is necessary to auspiciously handle the non-conformity.

      3 Check the dimensional shape and surface quality, and check the quality standards to strictly implement the technical standards and corresponding regulations of the finished products. The inspection shall be carried out on a special inspection platform, inspection parts, measuring tools or special editions. The accuracy of the measuring tools shall meet the specified accuracy. The corresponding technical standards shall be checked for the dimensional and shape inspections. Diameter, inner diameter, thickness, uneven wall thickness, external dimensions, Hollow part size, plane clearance, twisting, sowing, bending and length.

       Surface quality inspection, most of the products still rely on visual inspection for 100%, the inspection items are mainly extrusion cracks, peeling, bumps, scratches, bubbles, metal and non-metal intrusion, corrosion spots, etc. For the inner and outer surface quality of thin-walled small-diameter pipes, the eddy current-through automatic flaw detection instrument can be used for inspection. For special requirements of bars and profiles, 100% ultrasonic flaw detection should be carried out during the inspection of finished products.

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