The demand for aluminum products is gradually rising. The development of aluminum industry depends o
As the economy continues to grow, the consumption of domestic aluminum products and social savings continue to increase. It is estimated that in 2015, all kinds of new and old aluminum products will be scrapped in the domestic market, which will provide more than 4 million tons, which will provide a strong support for the sustainable development of the recycled non-ferrous metal industry. Raw material security. In addition, in recent years, the import of aluminum-containing scrap continues to be upside down, and the use of domestic scrap aluminum will be an irreversible trend for the next few years. Transportation is the main application area of recycled aluminum. In 2014, the growth rate of China's automobile production has declined. Under the pattern of “new normal” domestic primary aluminum production capacity surplus, the price of primary aluminum remains low, which is also a foregone conclusion. It indicates that the demand for recycled aluminum in China will not increase significantly in 2015, and the market price will not increase significantly.

In recent years, the continuous promotion of automotive aluminum panels has become a new growth point for aluminum alloy consumption. At present, China's recycled aluminum products are basically primary casting aluminum alloy ingots. Although the direct supply mode of aluminum liquid in the production of recycled aluminum plants and downstream automobile parts has been rapidly developed in recent years, the types of recycled aluminum products have not been broadened in essence. The regeneration of high-end deformed aluminum alloy is still in the exploration stage. Therefore, expanding the types of recycled aluminum products for the continuous technological innovation of the recycled aluminum industry will be the future development direction of the recycled aluminum industry.

With the government further increasing the power of simple administration, the market environment for recycled aluminum will be further optimized in 2015. More non-ferrous metal recycling enterprises are expected to enjoy VAT preferential policies and enhance their competitiveness.

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