The car's aluminizing rate is increasing year by year. The amount of aluminum used in China's manned

        Aluminum began commercial production in 1888, with its low density, abundant resources, white color, environmental friendliness, harmless to the human body, high recyclability, strong corrosion resistance, good conductivity, non-magnetic, easy processing and forming. Many of them have been widely used in various sectors of the national economy. In 2011, the world's primary aluminum production exceeded 43,000 kt, becoming the second largest metal after steel, 34% of which is about 14620 kt for transportation equipment. manufacture.

         In 1899, the first aluminum alloy sheet metal body sports car was unveiled at the Berlin International Auto Show, opening the first application of aluminum alloy sheets in automobiles. In 1910, the first aluminum bus was started in Paris, and since then the aluminum sheet has been used in passenger cars. More and more applications. In the 1950s, tankers, trailers, and motorhomes began to be made of aluminum. Today, the aluminizing rate of North American vans has exceeded 92%. Most of the tankers and trailers in Europe have been made of aluminum alloy, and the average car per vehicle is 800kg. Gold and aluminum cars and buses (Audi, A8, TT sports cars and jaguars, XJ, etc.) have also been available.

           For the foreseeable period (2030), aluminum is the most desirable metal structural material for improving transportation efficiency, reducing transportation costs, conserving energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, developing a circular economy, and maintaining road safety. Aluminum can be used in vehicle manufacturing in various forms such as plates, foils, tubes, rods, profiles, wires, forgings, powders, castings, die castings, and the like. The all-aluminum manned car is composed of an extruded frame and a shell with an aluminum plate. The amount of aluminum used in several car bodies is shown in the table below. There are more plates for cars and more for profiles of buses.


Model Extrusion Profile /% Sheet /% Die Casting & Casting

Audi A2 18 60 22

Honda NSX 12 88 8

Honda Insight 30 57 13

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