High-temperature vacuum aluminum brazing material was awarded national invention patent
At present, the high-temperature vacuum aluminum brazing material developed by China Aerospace Science and Technology Second Hospital 201 has passed the final review of the National Patent Office and was awarded the national invention patent.

Aluminum alloy brazing is an important means of joining aluminum alloy components. With the increasing complexity of structural parts, in the past, the soldering method using flux and solder has a huge corrosive effect on the structural parts due to the residual flux which cannot be cleaned after welding. The conventional welding method is gradually replaced by vacuum brazing. . High-temperature vacuum aluminum brazing material is developed according to the requirements of the company's model development. Researchers have developed a new type of high-temperature vacuum welding aluminum brazing material according to the requirements of model production. In addition to maintaining the high fluidity and corrosion resistance of the high-temperature aluminum brazing filler metal, the brazing filler metal is characterized by the use of a self-developed long-acting modifier to modify the silicon in the brazing filler metal. The plasticity of the treated solder is greatly improved, especially the modifier is that the silicon in the weld is still in a deteriorated state. Therefore, the structural member welded by the brazing material maintains the original mechanical properties while the bending resistance is doubled. This solder has been used in model products. (According to: China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation)

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