Observers in the aluminum alloy application industry
The road to Jane, but the process of simplifying is also complicated. Behind the operational changes of everything, it is a universal law of individual practice. Behind the scenes of the industry development, there are always some eyes that are good at discovering hidden laws. They are always polished under the sun or the shadows, and they are meticulous and look at the direction of the industry. Gao Sentian, known as the “Aluminum Alloy Doctoral Expert” in Taiwan, has been in the industry for the past 20 years since he stepped into the aluminum alloy processing and application industry. He has devoted himself to the development of the industry and the technical situation with his valuable experience. A large number of researches have provided many solutions for aluminum alloy material processing enterprises to help enterprises solve a large number of practical problems. “At first glance, there is no Chen Ji”, Dr. Gao has become a deep observer in the development of the aluminum alloy industry.

"At present, there are some bottleneck problems in the aluminum alloy industry, such as low product unit price, high quality fluctuations, technical and inspection standards to be improved, and technical breakthroughs are relatively difficult. These are the development and application of aluminum alloy materials. More difficult problems.” Dr. Takamori first talked about the problems in the industry.

Going deep into the industry, the height of knowledge can be described as a rise. With many years of experience and understanding of the industry, Dr. Gao pointed out the problems that need to be solved urgently in the industry. It is indeed a insight. In contrast, the overall level of equipment in foreign countries is relatively relatively perfect. Under such circumstances, the quality of the products produced is almost stable, especially in the aspects of automobiles and aerospace. The whole structure is good. Dr. Gao continued to elaborate on some of the findings and opinions of the industry from the perspective of his own research. At present, in the Taiwan region, the aluminum alloy industry market is still showing a certain shrinking situation. Due to the different conditions of the technical standards, the situation in the mainland may not be better than Taiwan. In addition, this is also affected by the inspection standards. The overall development of the aluminum alloy material industry still has a long way to go.

Technology is not only the core of products and equipment, but also the power source for enterprise development. Dr. Gao Sentian has provided technical support and consulting services to a large number of enterprises in the industry with 20 years of experience and a large number of technical training and guidance, especially in Taiwan. Speaking of technical training, Dr. Gao combined his own experience to tell the reporters of Chinalco to speed up the dissemination of technical knowledge in the industry and improve the depth of technology use. This is the top priority in promoting the development of the industry. We can only serve our industry better and more comprehensively by letting our own skills expand our reach through training, mentoring and construction teams. Therefore, Dr. Gao pays special attention to spreading his technical energy in the way of “taking students” and providing technical support for more enterprises, thus contributing his own enthusiasm to the development of the industry.

The first edition and the second edition of Aluminum Alloy Technology is a summary and presentation of Dr. Gao Sentian's technical theory and practical experience in the industry for many years. It is the result of Dr. Gao’s research. After so many years of deepening the industry's solid foundation, Dr. Gao has produced many unique insights in aluminum alloy technology, and these knowledge formations are often in the process of providing consulting services for enterprise technical problems, and effectively provide strong support for enterprise development.

As an important application material in the development of lightweight, aluminum alloy materials have long been discussed in the industry. However, the problem of lightweighting still seems to remain at the conceptual stage, and its substantial advancement and development are hampered by too many complicated factors. Talking about this issue, Dr. Takamori has some opinions of his own. First of all, there is nothing wrong with the trend of lightweighting. This is the concept of long-term sustainable development advocated in the situation of increasing energy and consumption conflicts. From the trend trend, the lightweight market will be a big material application market in the future. Secondly, the promotion of lightweighting is not enough, and the development is particularly slow. Lightweight has been discussing its application in China since it was proposed, but due to China's light weight, for example, the equipment level and production line of automobile companies have been produced according to the original automobile production mode, and if it is really light, Substantial progress has been made in quality, and these equipment lines need to be greatly adjusted or even replaced directly. However, the investment cost in this state will increase greatly, and in the case that the original equipment line can be used normally, the problem of increasing the cost is a very necessary consideration for the factory. At the same time, the constraints of various industry environmental problems have also made the lightweight and stagnant. Finally, Dr. Takamori pointed out that the promotion of lightweighting is only a matter of time. With the advancement of technology and the development of lightweight enterprises, lightweight vehicles will become the mainstream of the future automotive market.

"At present, the aluminum alloy materials industry in mainland China, including Taiwan, is not doing enough in terms of innovation, and the company's replication is strong. This is the problem of expanding the industry, overcapacity and severe competition." Speaking of the development of the entire aluminum industry chain The situation, Dr. Takamori told the Chinalco reporter. From the upstream electrolytic aluminum market, excess capacity has been criticized for the entire industry. However, at the same time, in the case of lack of research and development capabilities and insufficient technological innovation, the midstream and downstream enterprises are still expanding their quantity growth, leading to serious problems of homogenization of enterprises, serious problems of product homogenization, and inability to obtain greater problems in solving practical problems. development of. The investment in the construction of enterprises or product lines is not enough, the blindness is too large, and the required talent cultivation cannot keep up. This is the reason why the development of the industry is slow.

Da De Xiu Guang, Huairen Zhiyuan. Dr. Takamori has a team to bring his knowledge and valuable technical experience to every production line of the company, and has always provided high-quality services for industry companies to break through technical bottlenecks and overcome production problems. Over the years, the technical team that Dr. Gao has brought to the "battlefield" of solving the production technology problems of the enterprise has been brave, and all the way to "passing through the customs" will always help the company to smoothly achieve production and effectively guarantee the quality.

The light and heat of life is intended to be a long-lasting place for Fukuzawa. Dr. Takamori has made dialectical unity in life and career, and devoted his life to the development of the aluminum alloy material industry. The sweat sprinkled everywhere, and the green buds broke out, which is bound to flourish in the industry. Green onions play a role. We also hope that Dr. Takamori's technology "nutrients" will spread more and more widely in the aluminum alloy industry in mainland China.

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