China Aluminum Corporation comprehensively promotes the lightweight development strategy of aluminum
In the era of Industry 4.0, the use of industrial materials with superior performance to achieve lightweight development in the industrial field, reduce the burning of fossil fuels, and achieve recyclable recycling of materials is a major trend in industrial development. As a high-quality metal material that is light, corrosion-resistant, energy-storing, plastic, and recyclable, aluminum is known as “the metal of the 21st century” and “the metal that can fly.” It is also the main force driving industrial lightweighting.

As the world's leading, domestically largest and technology-leading aluminum industry leader, Chinalco's development strategy in recent years has a clear coordinate - lightweight. Successfully developed the world's largest aluminum ring, produced the largest aluminum alloy pre-stretched plate in China, made aluminum plate for shipbuilding into the European and American market, aluminum alloy car materials appeared on the Shenhua railway line, established the automobile lightweight research institute, and cooperated to set up a new material company. The interior and exterior panels of automobiles enter the maintenance market, and the deep-drawn structural parts of automobiles have been applied by many internationally renowned enterprises... From the ocean to the land, from land to space, a large number of high-quality new aluminum alloy materials produced by Chinalco have been in aerospace, ships, Rail transit, automobiles and other fields have been widely used, successfully filling a number of domestic gaps, and promoting the lightweight development of China's industrial sector.

"As China's economy enters a new normality of opportunities and challenges, structural adjustment and transformation and upgrading are the endogenous driving force for enterprise development. The continuous development of major national strategies such as the Belt and Road Initiative is an external space for us to expand and promote industrial materials based on aluminum. Lightweight will be an important choice for Chinalco to achieve economic benefits and energy-saving and environmental protection,” said Ge Honglin, chairman and party secretary of Chinalco.

Let the car light up

In recent years, air pollution has become a problem that has plagued many cities in China. PM2.5 has become a health killer for urban residents, and car exhaust is one of the main sources of atmospheric pollution. Statistics show that for every 100 kilograms of cars with the same displacement, the fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7 liters per 100 kilometers, and the exhaust emissions can be reduced by 8 to 11 grams, and the acceleration performance will be greatly improved. In order to speed up the improvement of air quality, relevant national departments and auto manufacturers have accelerated the promotion of lightweight vehicles.

Due to its light weight, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good elasticity and excellent impact resistance, aluminum has become the first choice for lightweight vehicles. The “China Transportation Aluminum Exhibition” held in Chongqing is regarded as the “wind vane” of the aluminum industry. At the three-day exhibition in 2015, aluminum for transportation and other vehicles became the biggest bright spot. Its popularity shows that aluminum for transportation has become a new economic growth pole for the aluminum industry. “The popularity of aluminum for automobiles is a microcosm of the strong growth of aluminum for transportation. Statistics show that the average aluminum consumption of passenger cars in developed countries is 145 kilograms, while China is only 105 kilograms. The prospects are very broad.” The person in charge of the R&D team of Chinalco Auto Board introduced.

Chinalco is the first company in China to engage in automotive aluminum research and automotive aluminum production. As early as 2005, Chinalco took the lead in research and development of automotive body panels, industrial technology and key equipment technologies. Due to the technical difficulty and complicated process of the automobile panel, foreign countries have imposed strict technical blockade on China. At that time, there was no special equipment and technology in China. Only the customer's demand was the only technical reference. Under such circumstances, Chinalco's research institutes and related companies in the United Nations have carried out research on material production process technology while conducting research on equipment supporting equipment, which not only successfully produced aluminum sheets for automobiles, but also broke foreign technology. The blockade has promoted the leap-forward development of aluminum production equipment for automobiles in China.

In June 2009, Chinalco completed the first heat treatment production line for automobile body panels in China.

In July 2010, Chinalco's first automotive aluminum products were launched.

On January 6, 2013, Chinalco's aluminum alloys obtained ISO/TS16949 quality management system certification, which is qualified as an internationally recognized supplier of automotive raw materials. The long-term dependence on imports of aluminum panels for domestic automotive bodies was broken by Chinalco.

"Lightweight of transportation materials is not only the trend of material industry development, but also the only way to transform economic structure. Light weight is a heavy environmental burden, and the increase is the development momentum of high quality. Chinalco wants to promote high-grade automotive aluminum. Entering thousands of households, China's cars can be lightly loaded on the road." Ge Honglin told reporters.

Railway traffic

Railway transportation has long been the main force in the field of transportation. How to drive more fast and low carbon has always been the front-end topic of continuous research in the industry. With aluminum strip steel, it is the best solution to solve this problem. Compared with stainless steel, aluminum alloy trucks have lighter weight, greater capacity and better economic efficiency. At present, many European and American countries use aluminum alloy materials to manufacture railway vehicles. For example, more than 95% of the newly manufactured high-speed heavy-duty trains in the United States are aluminum alloy wagons.

In 2015, the 13,000-section all-aluminum coal train wagon produced by Chinalco's aluminum alloy materials was unveiled at the Daqin Railway and Shenhua Railway Line. These aluminum wagons reduce the weight and energy of the car while maintaining the safety and stability of the train. Consumption has greatly improved the level of capacity. Chinalco is also the first company in China to achieve breakthroughs in domestic aluminum alloy wagon material technology, breaking the technical blockade of foreign manufacturers in the field for many years, and exporting high-end aluminum wagon materials to developed countries. The corporate commitment of turning the stone into gold for the benefit of mankind.

“Each aluminum car is reduced by about 2 tons per car than the stainless steel wagon. It can transport 4 tons of cargo per car per day, which can significantly increase the load. After aluminum steel, the service life of the car is also improved. It will be improved by about 20 years, which will greatly reduce the maintenance cost of vehicles. Due to the reduction of self-weight, it will definitely reduce emissions. It can be said that with aluminum-based steel, while creating benefits for Chinalco and transportation companies, the whole society has brought huge The comprehensive benefits." Li Yong, the chief engineer of Chinalco Southwest Aluminum, gave us an account.

On this basis, Chinalco has increased the application of “application technology of aluminum alloy sheet for high-speed heavy-duty trains”, developed aluminum alloy materials for petrochemical tankers and petrochemical silos, and promoted the lightweight development of industrial transportation in China. The road has made a breakthrough.

More air and sea travel

Everything that steel can do, lighter and harder aluminum alloys can do almost, even better, in land transport, especially in the vast ocean transport and air transport sectors.

“Because of its light weight, strong mechanical properties and excellent corrosion resistance, aluminum is an advanced material for the construction of marine and marine engineering structural components. At the same time, due to the national marine development strategy, the marine aluminum market has broad prospects, but the marine equipment is Aluminum alloy materials are extremely demanding.” Zhang Jilong, general manager of Chinalco Southwest Aluminum, said, “including the hardness, corrosion resistance, fatigue strength, plasticity, etc. of aluminum alloys, marine equipment is much higher than ordinary civilian aluminum alloys. Because of this, this market has a high threshold."

As a supplier of national defense military and major scientific and technological engineering materials, Chinalco has followed the national marine development strategy. Since 2010, it has started to conduct market research and scientific research on the development trend of aluminum and steel for ships. Sex classification society certification. By 2015, Chinalco has obtained China Classification Society (CCS), Lloyd's Register of Shipping (LR), Norwegian Classification Society (DNV), French Bureau of Shipping (BV) certification, and the United States. Five classification societies certified by the classification society (ABS) have won this high-end market access permit. On the product, Chinalco has carried out serial development of different application environments, and the delivery schedule and quality of the products fully meet the needs of ship users, and seized the opportunity of the aluminum market for ships.

On the other hand, as a traditional aerospace aluminum supplier in China, Chinalco continues to increase the research and development of aerospace aluminum materials, and strengthens its cooperation with Boeing and Airbus on the basis of research and development and supply of supporting materials in the military industry. The cooperation of international civil aviation giants such as Safran and Bombardier has accelerated the mass supply of Airbus and Safran alloy sheets, and has truly formed a synergy between land, sea and air to promote lightweight aluminum.

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