Aluminum alloy trailers will become the future trend
At present, the number of domestic heavy trucks has exceeded 3 million. The huge amount of exhaust gas has become an important source of air pollution, and resource consumption and environmental pollution have become global problems. The whole society is paying attention to the energy conservation and emission reduction work of automobiles. . Reducing the vehicle's own weight is an effective measure to reduce fuel consumption and improve transportation efficiency. The lightness of aluminum alloy is a necessary weapon to reduce the weight of the car. The aluminum semi-trailer is 3.5 tons lighter than the steel semi-trailer. In operation, it can transport 3.5 tons of cargo than all-steel semi-trailers. In the no-load operation, the fuel consumption will also be greatly saved. According to the data, the production of 1 kg of aluminum requires about 14 degrees of electricity, but in the car, 1 kg of aluminum can replace about 2 kg of steel, saving 1 kg in the life cycle of the car. The material can save 0.7 kilograms of fuel, equivalent to about 800 kilowatt-hours of electricity, and reduce carbon dioxide emissions by about 1,800 kilograms.

According to the calculations of related logistics companies, with the annual operation of 150,000 kilometers, the aluminum alloy car can use its light weight advantage to generate more than 150,000 yuan to 180,000 yuan. Although the cost of a one-time car purchase is about 40% higher than that of a steel trailer, the overall cost can be recovered in one to two years. The annual fuel consumption of China's trailers is about 40 million tons. If the market share of aluminum alloy trailers can reach 70%, it can save about 7.66 million tons of fuel per year, reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 22 million tons, and the service life of aluminum vehicles is longer. European and American experience, the life cycle of an aluminum alloy tank is generally 15 to 20 years, and the life of steel tanks is only 7 to 9 years. Moreover, the recycling value of the vehicle after scrapping is also higher than that of the steel vehicle. Taking the commonly used aluminum tanker as an example, the recycling value of the aluminum can body is about 85% of that of the original aluminum, which is much higher than that of the ordinary steel vehicle.

At present, aluminum alloy trailers are no longer new in China, but the market share is very small. China's first aluminum alloy trailer began in the 2008 Taiyuan truck industry exhibition, developed and manufactured by Baotou Yuli Industry. . It has only been a few years since then, so it is far from being widely used. However, both the transportation industry and the trailer manufacturing industry believe that the lighter aluminum alloy trailer will inevitably replace the steel trailer in the market.

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