Application of aluminum alloy materials in lightweight foam in the automotive industry
The superior properties of lightweight aluminum structure, energy absorption and noise control make it a wide application space in the automotive and transportation industries. Automobiles are increasingly moving toward lighter weight, lower energy consumption, and safer and more comfortable. For this purpose, materials with low density, good comprehensive performance and high recycling efficiency are required. The bright European plan implemented by the European Union is to study the application of aluminum foam in automobiles. With foamed aluminum components, the rigidity of the car frame is enhanced, which can increase the stability of the frame by 30%. Car manufacturer Germany Karmann AG has used foam aluminum sandwich panels to make car top cover and bottom plate, which is 7 times stiffer than the original steel components, and its quality is 25% lighter than steel. It is made of foam aluminum sandwich panels. The floor of the car is about 50% lighter than the steel floor. The Australian Light Metal Performance Research Center (LKR) and the German company BMW have jointly developed a foam aluminum structure engine bracket that increases the high quality of the engine while also dissipating mechanical vibration and thermal energy. And security has been improved.

The foamed aluminum material has strong performance in absorbing impact energy, and is plastically deformed by collision, absorbing the impact force of the applied load, and can effectively protect the safety of the vehicle and the occupant. When a car with a mass of 1500kg collides at a speed of 48km/h, the impact area is calculated by 1000mm×150mm and the thickness is 20mm, then the foam aluminum can absorb 84% of the total impact energy.

At present, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, Hyundai and other auto companies are developing foam aluminum bumper bumpers, and some companies have passed crash tests. The foamed aluminum material is heat-resistant and flame-retardant, and does not release toxic gases under heat. Therefore, the use of foamed aluminum material instead of foamed plastic or foamed resin material can improve service life and reduce maintenance, while also eliminating traditional materials in vehicles. The harmful gases generated in the accident greatly reduce the losses and casualties in traffic accidents, and also play an environmental protection role.

Aluminum foam can also be used to make sound barriers on urban rails and viaducts. The internationally recognized ideal soundproof screen has a sound absorbing function close to the noise source side and has a soundproof function as a whole. The best soundproof screen is made of foamed aluminum material, the outer side is aluminum plate veneer, the inner side is bare foam aluminum plate, with sound absorption function, it can soundproof 20~30dB. A semi-cylindrical aluminum foam and steel back or concrete back sound absorbing device has been developed for noise control of highway bridges and subways.

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