The secret of iphone 6s "not bent" - 7075 aluminum alloy

Last night, Apple held a new product launch in San Francisco, California, and officially released iphone6s and 6s Plus. The highlight is just like the previous news, although Apple did not give us much surprises this time, but the hardware has solved the "Bug" left over from last year.

 Iphone6 has been criticized by the "bending door". The iphone6s has undergone great changes in the fuselage section, abandoning the previous 6000 series and adopting a more solid 075 aluminum alloy. 7075 aluminum alloy has been successfully used on the Apple Watch Sport released in March this year.

What is the 7075 aluminum alloy, about the 7075 aluminum alloy, the description of the Apple Watch: "We have created a new 7075 series aluminum metal for AppleWatch, which is 60% stronger than the standard alloy, but very light. Plus the surface of the display Ion-X glass makes the Sport series up to 30% lighter than the stainless steel series. The purity of this material is also very high, resulting in a beautiful and consistent appearance, which is difficult to achieve with traditional aluminum alloy."

The 7075 series is aerospace grade aluminum with higher purity, higher processing and surface treatment technology. It enhances the hardness and makes the body lighter. At present, the application of the 7075 series aluminum alloy will be the "bending" of the iphone6s. The optimal solution. Xiao Aluminum believes that “aluminum” has gone further and further on the road of deep processing, and it has become more and more refined, and it has increasingly catered to the needs of various industries. In particular, the application of high-tech and electronic technology is more and more extensive, leading the upgrade of materials and providing enterprises with the idea of transformation. A huge market is presented to us in this way.

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