Application of 3 Series Alloy on Mobile Phone Battery Case
Mobile phones have become a must-have item in people's lives, and the frequency of replacement is very high. As our most commonly used communication tool, small mobile phones save people a lot of time. At the same time, the appearance of the current mobile phone is also quite beautiful. The frame of the mobile phone case is made of aluminum alloy, which makes the whole mobile phone look very delicate.

At present, the application of aluminum alloy in the outer casing and battery case of the mobile phone has been very extensive, and the aluminum battery case is not only beautiful and beautiful, but also has sufficient hardness, heat and corrosion resistance, and is the material of choice for many mobile phone manufacturers. Among them, the 3 series aluminum alloy is the main source of mobile phone battery case.

At present, most aluminum processing enterprises in China have this production capacity. The 3 series aluminum alloy mobile phone shell material has good stamping performance, welding performance, and the surface quality is bright and free of impurities. The battery shell usually has a thickness of 0.40-0.60mm and can be customized according to customer requirements.

3 series mobile phone shell materials have rich technical experience, products have a stable market share for many years, Samsung mobile phones, Apple, Huawei and other mobile phone manufacturers have also established a cooperative relationship, combined with the current boom in the mobile phone market, the future 3 series mobile phone shell material It will surely usher in greater development opportunities.

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