Application of drawing process on aluminum alloy sheet
With the scale and development trend of the industry, the brushed aluminum sheet of aluminum is gently growing in the enterprise, the development trend of the aluminum profile industry, the scale structure and the comprehensive information are the trend of the surface drawing process.

The wire drawing process of the metal wire drawing material is recognized by everyone, and the surface of the part is required to be drawn on the aluminum profile, which is a flat material, which can be completed by the device. It has a wide range of applications, mainly used for: surface drawing of aluminum alloy process plant, stainless steel parts process plant, copper parts process plant, 3C, chassis, cabinet, lock surface, heat sink and other panels.

After the surface drawing process of the metal wire drawing material, the surface texture of the part has a clear straight line drawing pattern, the surface of the workpiece is smooth and smooth, the visual effect is good, the parts are paid for aesthetics, and the workpiece is more high-grade. In particular, after the wire drawing and then oxidation treatment, the added value of the product is greatly improved. Let the products have more market competitiveness.

There are many abrasives in the wire drawing process, such as wire drawing wheel, wire drawing belt, nylon ring belt, etc.; depending on the surface condition of the part material (such as aluminum profile) and processing requirements, abrasives of different materials can be selected. Hantong Industrial Co., Ltd. is a raw material manufacturer of major brands all over the world. It has rich experience in technology and application. It provides rooms: metal grinding materials, metal wire drawing materials, metal polishing materials, metal grinding materials, metal blasting materials, metal deburring. Materials, etc. With high-quality products, preferential prices, fast service, and good reputation to serve every customer.

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