Three major elements of punched aluminum veneer
       The punched aluminum veneer is mainly composed of punching shape, punching rate and color. The difference from the ordinary aluminum veneer is that the punching aluminum veneer is pierced and has no sealing property, and is mostly applied to interior decoration and building exterior wall. Image design and special applications.

        An important condition for determining the aesthetics of a punched aluminum veneer is the shape of the punch. The punching of the aluminum veneer can be designed into various shapes such as a circle and a square according to actual needs. The larger the mesh, the lighter the quality of the aluminum veneer and the weaker the anti-stress, thus affecting its application. Location, so customers should design the size of the mesh according to their own needs. The punching rate determines the density of the pattern. Too dense is not conducive to processing. If it is too wide, it is not beautiful enough, so the punching must be uniform. Different places require different colors, and the aesthetic effects are different, so color is an important factor in determining the beauty.

       The sound-absorbing insulation cotton can be used as a sound-insulating board in the surface of the punched aluminum veneer, so it can be applied in the practice room, dance hall, conference room, etc., beautiful and sound-absorbing.

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