Application technology of metal aluminum alloy in automobile industry
With the increasing use of magnesium alloys in automobiles, the application technology of metal aluminum in the automotive industry has also made new breakthroughs, and the amount of aluminum used for aluminum in cars will increase significantly. Aluminum has three major advantages for the automotive industry: its density is smaller than other materials, it can reduce the car's own quality, reduce fuel consumption, the ability to absorb impact energy is stronger than steel; because the car's own quality is reduced, it remains the same In the case of performance, a lighter engine can be used, thereby saving manufacturing materials and costs; it is cheaper to manufacture certain parts such as body structures from aluminum alloys than when made of other materials.

According to the European Aluminium Association, the average aluminum consumption of European cars in the 1990s doubled from 50 kg/kg to 100 kg/car. In 2005, the average aluminum content was 150 kg / car, while in 2010 the aluminum content reached 180 kg / car.

According to a study by Duke Research, the average aluminum content of cars and light trucks in North America in 2002 was 124 kg/car, while the average aluminum content in 1973 was only 37 kg/car. <The US Metals Market reported that the average aluminum content of family cars in 2003 was 126.6 kg/car. According to a report by Alcan, the increase in the amount of sheets, extrusions and castings in automobiles, and the use of forgings made of primary aluminum ingots in suspension systems, 2009 The average aluminum content of the car can reach 156 kg / car.

The European Aluminum Association (EAA) commissioned a study by the University of Aachen, Germany, to prove that a compact car (CompartCar) can reduce its own quality by more than 30% if it replaces the traditional dense material with aluminum. Reduce 400 kg / more.

Seeing that aluminum metal has a broad future in the automotive industry, countries around the world are keen to research and develop. South Korea recently filed an invention patent for "aluminum wheel casting device for automobiles", which relates to an aluminum wheel casting device for an automobile, and in particular, it can be molded by improving working conditions and improving the structure of an aluminum wheel. Good quality aluminum wheels. At the same time, the invention relates to an aluminum wheel casting device for an automobile, which is characterized in that it can improve processing efficiency and improve the satisfaction degree of the quality of the molded aluminum wheel, and the heater is improved by improving the structure of the aluminum wheel casting device. The power consumption is minimized; the productivity of the product can also be improved, it can also prevent burn accidents caused by direct contact with the high temperature mold base, and it can be improved by the lateral mold and the supporting force. The casting defects of the molded wheel caused by overheating; and it can improve the satisfaction of the molded wheel cast by the aluminum melt.

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