2015 Automotive Lightweight and Aluminum Alloy Application Technology Training - Exchange Conference
According to the official data of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China’s car ownership will exceed 200 million by 2020. While the automobile industry is booming, it has brought enormous challenges to environmental protection and energy conservation. The lightweight of automobiles is of great significance for energy conservation and emission reduction, and has become a major issue to be solved urgently in the Chinese automobile industry. As a lightweight material, aluminum alloy is one of the effective methods for weight reduction in automobiles, and has become the focus of attention of major automobile manufacturers.

Lightweight is not a simple material replacement. Automotive lightweighting technology includes the rational design of automotive structures, lightweight materials and advanced forming processes. The application of aluminum alloy also includes a series of integrated application technologies such as material design, design optimization of part structure, forming, joining and painting of parts. In order to solve some practical problems encountered in the lightweight application of aluminum alloy materials, and to strengthen the cooperation between upstream and downstream enterprises in the automotive aluminum alloy parts industry chain, November 12-13, 2015, held in 2015 in Changsha, Hunan Quantification and training of aluminum alloy application technology - exchange meeting. The conference will invite automotive lightweight experts to focus on the development of lightweight technology, lightweight energy for new energy vehicles, application status of automotive aluminum alloys, lightweight structural design methods, automotive aluminum sheets, aluminum profiles, forging and other advanced materials and manufacturing technologies. Training and in-depth communication.

This training-exchange meeting is the third event of the "Automotive Material Hotspot Technology" special exchange activity organized by China Automotive Materials Network. We hope that through the systematic technical training of industry experts and the sharing of experience of relevant enterprises, the technical staff of the participating parties can make the system The key technology for mastering automotive aluminum allows business people to understand the actual needs of users and upstream and downstream resources.

At present, Geely, SAIC, Chery, FAW, BAIC, Yutong, Brilliance, Jianghuai, Guangzhou Automobile, Jirui Heavy Truck, Changan and other OEMs, Bentler, Faurecia, Wanxiang Group, Taiwan Sinosteel Group, Nanshan Aluminum have been registered. Industry, Chinalco, Hesheng Aluminum, Wuhu Hetian Forging, Haomei Aluminum, Zhejiang Zhongrong Aluminum, Fujian Nanping Aluminum, Aerospace Equipment Factory, Institute of Materials Research of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and other parts and raw materials enterprises as well as equipment and research institutes.

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