Big data + aluminum processing + automotive industry" integration development
On November 5th, the “Big Data and Automotive Industry – Automotive Lightweight and Innovative Automotive Manufacturing Technology Seminar” jointly organized by Qingzhen City and Chongqing Automotive Engineering Society was held in Qingzhen. In the provinces of Chongqing, Shandong, Henan, Jiangsu, Shaanxi, Guangdong and other provinces and cities, experts in the automotive industry, universities, business circles and 25 manufacturers of complete vehicles and parts and components participated in the seminar. The participating experts talked about the development trend of automobile lightweight and innovative automobile manufacturing technology, and brought various conveniences and enjoyments to the people in the future.

"Academic": How to make cars light and hard?

Some materials experts said at the seminar that nanomaterials will become the star material of the 21st century, which will lead people to the "nano age." Don't look at it as a small amount of light, its strength is 200 times stronger than steel. If it is used in automotive lightweight manufacturing, its prospects are immeasurable.

“In the current automobile manufacturing, carbon fiber composite materials are a development trend, and foreign countries have begun to use them in some brand automobile manufacturing.” According to some materials experts, carbon fiber composite materials are used in automobile manufacturing to make them strong. High rigidity, long life, corrosion resistance, much higher than steel strength, has been widely used in aircraft, rockets, missile shells, and began to be used in automobile manufacturing. “If carbon fiber composites are used, an off-road vehicle will reduce the weight by 460 kilograms, achieving light weight, high strength and energy saving.”

"Practical": How to make the car light and safe?

At the seminar, experts in the automotive industry also said that they strongly agree to apply new materials to automobile manufacturing, but to ensure the stability and safety of the car, there are still many technical problems to be overcome. Experts pointed out that the purpose of lightweight vehicles is to save energy and reduce vehicle performance. However, it is not easy to apply new materials such as carbon fiber materials to automobile manufacturing from theory to practice. It is necessary to "integrate" technologies from automobile design, component manufacturing, and vehicle assembly.

"If you use some traditional materials to replace some traditional parts on the basis of using traditional technology to produce cars, at present, you can reduce the maximum number of cars by 84 kilograms in the country. By 2020, you can achieve the goal of reducing 100 kilograms." Said, however, for the stability and safety of the car, car chassis, steering gear and other components, should be carefully replaced with new materials. Of course, it is possible to gradually replace the traditional materials with new materials in the future. The possibility that the parts are replaced by aluminum alloy materials is high, and the possibility that the car shells are replaced by carbon fiber materials is high. Moreover, even if the whole vehicle is replaced with new materials, the cost naturally rises a lot. How to make the products produced by producers and consumers in the market? There is a great distance and space between car designers, component manufacturers, car producers, and consumers to think about.

“Big Data”: How do I get the tram to find a charging station?

An expert from Zhejiang pointed out that building a smart city and a green city is a major trend in the future society. How to use big data to manage education, transportation, medical and other issues, how to reduce vehicle emissions? It will be a problem that the future society has to consider.

"At present, 25% of the carbon emissions in the atmosphere are contributed by automobile exhaust. Developing new energy vehicles will be the future development direction." The expert pointed out that in the future society, electric energy vehicles will come into being, what should the electric car charge? ? In the future, facilities such as automobile substations, power distribution rooms, and charging piles will be produced in professional factories, and then distributed to various destinations for installation. Each charging station requires only 50 square meters. can.

Then, when the tram is driving on the road, what should I do if it is close to no electricity and needs to be charged? This depends on big data as a technical support, charging stations across the country into the cloud database, allowing managers and users to share information. If you drive the tram, you can open the search by car navigation, you can find the nearest charging station, you can go to the nearest charging, just 20 minutes to charge the battery to continue driving. "As for how to pay at the charging station, APP, WeChat scanning QR code, Alipay, etc. can be paid." Experts said.

Qingzhen City: "Big Data + Aluminum Processing + Automotive Industry"

“Lightweight materials, aluminum alloy is the 'home flower'; intelligent development, big data is the core means.” Qingzhen City will bring together experts and entrepreneurs to explore the trend of automobile manufacturing and industrial development in the coming period. And direction, explore the integration of leading industries such as big data and aluminum processing with the automotive industry.

According to reports, Qingzhen City has introduced more than 10 big data and related industries in the field of big data applications, involving data cleaning, call center and service outsourcing industries; in terms of technological innovation, it is working with Guizhou University for high-strength aluminum for vehicles. The alloy industrialization project took the opportunity to build a Qinghai aluminum alloy new material research and development center; in terms of talent support, Qingzhen Vocational Education City has settled in 11 colleges and universities, among which 7 institutions are involved in automobile manufacturing and manufacturing.

It is reported that the proven reserves of bauxite resources in Qingzhen City are 360 million tons, and the prospective reserves are more than 500 million tons, accounting for more than 60% of the total reserves of Guizhou Province. At present, Qingzhen City is working with Chinalco, Jinjiang Group and Guanglu Group to build a 100 billion-level ecological recycling park. After the completion of the project, it will form a scale of 3.6 million tons of alumina and 1 million tons of electrolytic aluminum, focusing on the development of aluminum deep processing industry.

Big data, aluminum processing, automobile industry, talent reserve, etc. all provide intellectual support and scientific support for the integration of “big data + aluminum processing + automobile industry” in Qingzhen City.

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