Aluminum price has fallen below the cost line.
Aluminum prices have continued to fall for more than four years. Last week, Shanghai's main aluminum contract reached a record low. However, the aluminum market did not have a large-scale production reduction intention. Liu Xiaolei, a senior industry analyst at the SMM annual meeting on November 13, said that the current aluminum price has fallen below the cost line and is not good for most aluminum companies.

According to the power level in October, including the subsidies for electricity in the northwest region, Liancheng, Qingtongxia, and Henan, the average weighted calculation cost per electrolytic aluminum plant is 11,400 yuan/ton. According to the average weighted cost, the aluminum price fell to 10,000, and 63.5% of the domestic enterprises experienced cash losses. According to the full cost, the aluminum price fell to 10,000, and the domestic operating capacity of more than 80% was at a loss. This shows that aluminum prices have fallen below the cost line, and a considerable number of electrolytic aluminum companies are in a very unfavorable or terrifying position.

However, while the price of aluminum fell, the cost line of electrolytic aluminum was also moving down.

The cash cost of electrolytic aluminum in the first quarter of 2014 was 12,700 yuan / ton, but it has reached 10,300 yuan / ton only after the seventh quarter, because the alumina price has seen a continuous decline since the end of this year, while preparing the anode price and electricity cost. Both fell.

Among them, coal prices continue to decline, the proportion of self-supplied electricity continues to increase, and government subsidies continue to deliver blood to electrolytic aluminum plants, which is the main reason for the continuous decline in the cost of electrolytic aluminum.

The average electricity price of electrolytic aluminum is 0.24 yuan as of October this year. This figure is more than 0.3 yuan when there is no subsidy at the beginning of the year, and the highest price is 0.38 yuan at the beginning of 2014.

Before the aluminum price was at a low point, there was cost support, but the cost fell, the support was gone, and the aluminum price naturally showed a downward process.

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