"Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles for Automobiles" passed the validation
Recently, the National Conference on Non-ferrous Metal Quality and Standards was held in Beijing Convention Center. The conference gathered more than 500 representatives from the national non-ferrous metals industry. Gao Anjiang, chief engineer of the group company, was invited to participate in the meeting. The meeting commended and awarded the outstanding suppliers of the national non-ferrous metals industry and the excellent suppliers of non-ferrous metal auxiliary materials. Jungle aluminum "high-performance large-size complex section aluminum alloy profiles" products won the "National Non-ferrous Metals Industry Excellence Brand" honor, the national standard "Automotive Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles" presided over the drafting was successfully approved.

According to the meeting arrangement, each sub-committee organizes the discussion and validation of various standards. From 41 national units, scientific research institutions, testing institutions, automobile factories and other 41 units, 67 experts attended the meeting. The meeting was full, detailed and intense on the various provisions of the "Aluminum and Aluminum Alloy Extrusion Profiles for Automobiles" standard. Discussion, and reached a consensus, the standard successfully passed the final meeting validation. The experts at the validation meeting agreed that this standard fills the blank of China's automotive aluminum and aluminum alloy extrusion profiles, and incorporates 27 aluminum and aluminum alloy grades used by foreign advanced automobile companies to analyze and interpret aluminum for automobiles. And the requirements and performance of aluminum alloy profiles, through the test verification and exploration rules, for the first time in the national standards, the full-section bending properties, full-section compression properties and high-speed tensile properties of the profiles, and the corresponding test methods are determined, and the standard is determined. Relevant technical indicators have reached the technical requirements for aluminum and aluminum alloy profiles used by foreign advanced automobile companies such as Ford and Germany's Mercedes-Benz, and their standard levels have fully reached the international advanced level.

The standard is a forward-looking standard for the industry. At present, the application of aluminum profiles in automobiles is still in its infancy in China, the industrial base is relatively weak, and the formulation of standards is difficult, time-critical and mission-critical. The standard has been approved for 3 years, and a total of 7 national standard meetings have been held during the period, involving data of 10,000 units of technical indicators, more than 2,000 samples for each profile factory, more than 3,000 test and inspection times, and standard organization and coordination. The work is complicated. As the standard editorial unit, in order to better accomplish this work, the technical center and the jungle aluminum industry actively communicated with the colored light standard committee, organized and coordinated the participating units, effectively implemented various tasks, and ensured the progress and work of the standard formulation work. quality. At the same time, through the establishment of a national standard platform, it has established good technical exchanges and communication with well-known domestic automobile factories such as FAW Group, Dongfeng Motor (600006), Changan Automobile (000625) and Geely Automobile, laying the foundation for broader cooperation. .

The formulation of standards is the formulation of rules, the shaping of brands, an important measure to enhance competitive advantage and expand market influence, and an important part of corporate strategic planning, which has far-reaching significance for the development of enterprises. The standardization of aluminum application technology can not only lead the rapid development of various industries, but also create the industrial culture of the jungle, and further strengthen the influence of the industry, build a higher development platform for the company's emerging industries such as bridges and ships, and provide power for the company's sustainable development. .

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