Light vehicle development trends promote US aluminum scrap production
According to reports, the excess aluminum scrap in the North American market will not change in the short term. Emerging market countries are developing slowly, especially in China. As a result, the demand for scrap aluminum in these countries has also decreased, and the strong rise of the dollar has also hindered overseas shipments.

The rapid growth of automobile production has also driven the demand for recycled aluminum in the United States. According to relevant sources, regenerative car products are growing steadily, and US rolling mills are increasing their production capacity to meet the demand for automotive body aluminum panels, so this situation will remain stable in the short term.

The trend of lightweight vehicles has greatly increased internal aluminum production and closed-loop aluminum production in the past six months. As a result, demand for scrap aluminum from third parties has shrunk.

It is estimated that by 2020, global light vehicle production will increase from the current 88 million to 105 million.

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