Aluminum alloy processing industry faces new challenges
According to relevant surveys, since 2015, non-ferrous metals have shown a weak trend and prices have fallen. Although the aluminum processing industry performed well in the entire non-ferrous metal industry, it suffered from problems such as reduced orders, overcapacity, fierce homogenization competition, and inefficient use of the industry. How to get rid of the industry crisis and expand the market layout has become an important issue in the aluminum processing industry. Shandong Yuhang Alloy Special Equipment Co., Ltd. and many other domestic emerging enterprises have slightly higher qualifications than the old aluminum processing enterprises, but they are flexible and flexible, and they are good at grasping opportunities, positioning accurately, and have innovative strength. They are very gratifying in some new consumption fields. In the field of high-end aluminum alloy processing, the advantages of development have gradually emerged.

At the 8th China Yangtze River Delta Aluminum Summit Forum and the 2015 Shanghai Aluminum Industry Association Annual Meeting, Zhang Jilin, vice chairman of the China Nonferrous Metals Processing Industry Association, said that compared with developed countries, aluminum consumption growth potential is huge. In terms of construction, transportation power, packaging, and daily necessities, aluminum has a broad space for development. Especially in the field of transportation, the country currently has about 3.5 million heavy-duty semi-trailers, and the proportion of all-aluminum trailers is less than 2%. If it reaches the level of Europe and the United States, it is conservatively estimated to increase the consumption of aluminum by 7 million tons. However, whether it is in the field of construction transportation or daily life, it is necessary to create a new way out for the aluminum processing industry. "All enterprises need to carefully explore the market demand and carry out research and development."

Different from following the development model of imitating foreign related enterprises, the domestic aluminum industry rookie Shandong Yuhang Special Alloy Equipment Co., Ltd. has its own unique insights for the industry development. Since the establishment of the company, we have built a mold design center with international advanced equipment and a national engineering technology research center and product quality testing center. With industry-leading production technology, international advanced production equipment and high-quality research and development, production talents Designing and developing new products, and making breakthroughs in the fields of rail transit, aerospace, shipbuilding, trucks, trucks, and containers. While realizing the R&D and production of rail transit busbars and conductive rails and large-scale promotion, the “Minghang” lightweight canning truck series has also been gradually upgraded due to the quality and quality of orders, and the industry reputation and brand reputation have gradually improved.

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