The aluminum exhibition for transportation helps accelerate the application of aluminum for automobi
At present, the global energy and environmental systems continue to face challenges. As a major consumer of oil consumption and carbon dioxide emissions, automobiles are in urgent need of revolutionary changes. Green, environmental protection and energy conservation have become the main theme of the future development of the automotive industry. In this context, China's new energy vehicles, as an important branch of the automotive industry, ushered in a golden period of development.

New energy vehicles are showing double growth

If 2014 is the year when China's new energy vehicles start to grow, then 2015 is a year of doubled growth. Stimulated by the favorable policies of the purchase restriction, purchase tax exemption, official business and public vehicles to increase purchases, the output from January to October alone has reached 279,200 units, far exceeding the 83,900 units in 2014, an increase of 4 years. Times, the cumulative sales volume reached 138,700 units. It is estimated that the annual production in 2015 is expected to reach 200,000 units. China has far surpassed the United States to become the world's largest new energy vehicle market.

Aluminum is the best choice for lightweight materials for automobiles.

Different from traditional cars, new energy vehicles are more important than traditional cars due to the weight of the battery and the battery life. Therefore, the first consideration for new energy vehicles in vehicle design and material application is the lightweight body. The density of aluminum material is only 1/3 of that of steel, which has obvious weight loss and energy saving effect, and can better improve ride comfort under the premise of ensuring safety. At the same time, aluminum materials are easier to recycle and recycle. The ultra-high comprehensive cost performance advantage determines that aluminum will become the best choice for automotive lightweight applications.

Automotive aluminum market is huge

The main components of aluminum used in new energy vehicles are body, hub, chassis, anti-collision beam, floor, power battery, motor drive/drive assembly and seat. Among them, the body includes a body frame made of high-performance aluminum profiles and skins and doors made of high-precision aluminum. The aluminum alloy wheels mainly include cast aluminum wheels and forged aluminum wheels. The chassis includes high strength large section aluminum profile structural members and aluminum alloy forgings. The bumper beam bumper is mainly made of profiles. Lithium-ion batteries include battery positive aluminum foil, battery aluminum housing and battery aluminum tray.

The rapid development of new energy vehicles will definitely promote the wide application of aluminum in the automotive field. How to seize this historical development opportunity, deepen the communication and interaction with the automobile manufacturing industry, listen to the most realistic voice and demand of the automobile manufacturing industry, and develop high-performance, highly applicable aluminum or deep-processed aluminum parts. China's new energy auto industry maintains synergistic development and achieves a win-win situation, which is the focus of 2016 China's aluminum exhibition for transportation.

The 2016 China Transportation Aluminum Exhibition, co-sponsored by China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association, China Automobile Industry Association and Chongqing Economic and Information Committee, will be held from March 31 to April 2, 2016 at Chongqing International Expo Center. Chongqing is China's largest automobile industry base. The China Nonferrous Metals Industry Association and the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers held this exhibition in Chongqing. It is also trying to grasp the historical opportunity of China's new energy vehicle development, and strongly promote and expand aluminum in the automotive field. Applications. The exhibition set up a number of demonstration zones related to automotive aluminum, such as “aluminum auto parts”, “all-aluminum bus” and “aluminum trailer”. In the same period, a series of wonderful theme conference forums such as “China's Aluminum Innovation Forum for Transportation” and “China's All-Aluminum Bus and Aluminum Trailer Application Promotion Activities” will be held. At that time, BMW, BYD, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen, Zotye, Changan, Beiqi and many other car companies will visit the 渝 渝.

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