Fine production of recycled aluminum alloy is imminent

The production process of recycled aluminum is firstly pretreated with waste aluminum, and then the waste aluminum is put into the furnace for smelting. The other alloy elements are added to form the desired alloy. After refining, the impurity removal effect is achieved, and finally, the recycled aluminum product is cast.

At present, China's recycled aluminum industry has a phenomenon of extensive management, unstable product quality, low overall quality, and serious environmental pollution during the recycling process, thus limiting the sustainable development of the recycled aluminum industry. How to improve the utilization rate of recycled aluminum, improve product quality and market competitiveness, and build a green industry and a conservation-oriented society have become important topics in the global recycled aluminum industry. It is extremely urgent to improve the refined production of the recycled aluminum industry.

First, the significance of refined aluminum production

China is a big country in the production and consumption of aluminum products, and waste aluminum resources are growing at a rate of more than 20% per year. With the expiration of a large number of aluminum products, the huge waste aluminum resources are waiting for recycling, which provides a material basis for the rapid development of recycled aluminum in China.

China's traditional recycled aluminum products are mainly used for motorcycles and non-critical parts of automobiles. Automotive structural parts have high mechanical properties and are generally produced using primary aluminum. Even with the addition of scrap aluminum, the addition ratio does not exceed 30%. At present, increasing the proportion of waste aluminum used, or replacing 100% of the original aluminum products, accelerating the recycling of waste aluminum, and realizing the utilization of waste aluminum, is an inevitable requirement for the development of green industry and the development goal of China's recycled aluminum industry. . To achieve this goal, reclaimed aluminum producers must implement refined production management.

Second, the main mode of achieving refined production

The key to the quality of recycled aluminum products is the stability of the waste aluminum pretreatment process, alloy smelting technology and production process parameters. Therefore, the company's refined aluminum refined production improvement direction, mainly to the management of refined waste aluminum pretreatment and fine control of the production process technology.

1. Fine pretreatment system for waste aluminum. Fine pretreatment of waste aluminum, including waste aluminum purification and on-line identification and sorting of waste aluminum components. Purification of waste aluminum can remove impurities, surface coating and oil stains in waste aluminum, reduce environmental pollution and improve product purity; on-line identification and sorting technology of waste aluminum components, online waste aluminum can be different The types and grades are accurately divided into more than 20 categories to improve the target pass rate of recycled aluminum products, reduce energy consumption and stabilize product quality.

Waste aluminum purification technology has been industrialized and applied abroad, and it is just in its infancy in China. The on-line identification technology of waste aluminum components has entered the stage of industrialization trial application in foreign countries. Because the technology is not particularly mature, it has not been widely used, and it is still in the blank in China.

The use of advanced waste aluminum refined pretreatment technology system management will significantly improve the cleanliness of waste aluminum and product target once qualified rate, reduce environmental pollution and energy consumption, and lay a foundation for accelerating the recycling of waste aluminum.

2. Process technology and process control fine system. The quality of recycled aluminum alloys depends to a large extent on the melting process. If the melting temperature is too high and the smelting time is too long, the alloy may be over-fired, the structure is coarse, and the mechanical properties are low. The uneven stirring results in uneven composition of the recycled aluminum product and low mechanical properties. The refining does not completely lead to high slag content in the alloy gas. Reduce the mechanical properties of the alloy. The current internationally advanced waste aluminum recycling and refining technology to digitally and intelligently control the production process is an important measure for the refinement of aluminum process technology and process control.

Waste aluminum recycling and refining technology has been applied in aluminum processing enterprises in many countries. By adopting technologies such as preheating of purge gas and protection gas coverage, the degassing efficiency is as high as 84%, which is much higher than the traditional refining degassing efficiency by about 50%.

In general, the refined management system of waste aluminum regeneration process is to establish a model for the quality prediction and energy efficiency system of aluminum alloy casting process, effectively monitor and collect the energy efficiency and process parameters of the entire process of remelting aluminum alloy casting, and apply multiple targets. And intelligent decision-making system, implementing a series of programs such as raw material selection, intelligent ingredients, optimization process, quality measurement and control, energy efficiency co-ordination, etc., to realize the “innovation of waste aluminum separation machinery” and the “cleaning process of recycled aluminum production process” during the regeneration process. "Automation" and "Use of waste primary aluminum" will eventually improve the quality of recycled aluminum products, broaden the application fields, reduce energy consumption and reduce emissions, and promote the green development of the industry.

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