Low-cost, high-yield all-aluminum intelligent photovoltaic tracking system

Solar photovoltaic power generation has always been regarded as one of the important renewable resources for the country to solve the smog problem through industrial transformation and upgrading, energy clean optimization. However, the photovoltaic industry has developed to the present day, and the competition is getting bigger and bigger. The traditional photovoltaic brackets can no longer meet the needs of the owners. On the road of reducing construction costs and improving power generation efficiency, PV manufacturers upgraded the fixed bracket system to a tracking system, which can increase power generation by 10%-30%, creating new benefits for the owners. As one of the world's professional PV system suppliers, Baowei New Energy has been at the forefront of technology to provide professional intelligent PV tracking system products and services to the market. However, the focus of Baowei New Energy is not limited to this.

 In countries such as the United States and Australia, labor costs are relatively expensive from pre-transportation to installation to late maintenance. In the case of a small change in material costs, how to reduce labor costs has become a key issue for various PV manufacturers. In view of this, Baowei upgraded the common all-steel photovoltaic tracking system on the market into a smart all-aluminum photovoltaic tracking system. In contrast, the all-aluminum intelligent photovoltaic tracking system is lighter, can save a lot of handling and installation costs, improve the overall construction efficiency; in addition, the system components will never rust, more beautiful and general; at the same time after the 25-year operation of the photovoltaic system, aluminum Up to 80% recovery of the alloy will also greatly protect the power plant, creating further benefits for the owners.

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