German flood control aluminum alloy baffle will arrive in Yuyao, Zhejiang
In November 2015, Hangzhou CRRC reached an agreement with ThyssenKrupp, a well-known company that started in the steel industry, to import floodgates with a total price of more than 20 million yuan.

Recently, the first flood control project imported from Germany ThyssenKrupp Company used in the embankment project of the Yaojiang City section of Yuyao City in Ningbo, the first large-scale embankment project in Germany, will be delivered one after another.

“Once the situation is urgent, the baffle can be installed on the dam within half a day.” On July 18, Zhang Li, deputy general manager of Hangzhou CRRC Vehicle Co., Ltd. told the reporter.

Hangzhou CRRC Vehicle Co., Ltd. is the contractor of the dike project. The company was established by China CRRC Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Railway Investment Co., Ltd. through their respective companies.

In October 2013, Yuyao City was hit by a strong typhoon “Fete”, and Yaojiang was flooded, and more than 70% of the urban areas were flooded. The Yaojiang City section embankment reinforcement project (Phase II) is a key project of Zhejiang Province's “Five Water Treatment (Sewage, Flood Control, Drainage, Water Supply, Water Conservation), including dike projects, drainage sluices and pumps along the embankment. Station engineering, municipal supporting projects, the total investment is about 350 million yuan. According to the plan, the combined baffle flood control wall is 4.6 kilometers long and is distributed along the Yaojiang River.

According to reports, in the Yaojiang River near Yuyao Middle School, there is a concrete wall with a height of half a meter and a flood control elevation of 3.63 meters. Under normal circumstances, the water level in the flood season will not exceed this height. In case of emergency, it can also be in the wall. Temporary construction of the baffle. Each baffle is 2.95 meters long, 20 cm wide, 12 cm thick and weighs 24.6 kg. Each group of three meters is stacked horizontally. In other words, 20 cm multiplied by 3 plus 3.63 m can reach a flood control elevation of 4.23 meters.

Zhang Li studied in Germany. According to him, the flood control baffle is also called the combined baffle protective wall. The application in Germany began in the 1980s. In 2005, the national standard of the technology was introduced. He was informed that Yuyao had the idea of introducing "anti-flood artifacts" after being hit by the "Fit" strong typhoon. After investigation, Hangzhou CRRC reached an agreement with ThyssenKrupp, a well-known company that started in the steel industry, in November 2015, importing floodgates with a total price of more than 20 million yuan.

These flood protection baffles are made of aluminum and are "very strong" - they are hit by a normal car, and the bending will not exceed 1 cm." Zhang Li said that the baffle is hollow and the flood will follow the U-shaped groove of the column. Penetration into the interior of the baffle creates a downward pressure on the baffle. The more water, the better the seal.

On July 14, ThyssenKrupp engineers Garms and Jens went to Yuyao to inspect the flood protection baffle infrastructure, storage warehouse, etc., and measured the dikes and proposed improvements.

Zhang Li said that the materials used by Hangzhou CRRC to manufacture high-speed rail, subway and other vehicles and the flood control baffle are the same as aluminum profiles, and the localization of baffles is currently being studied.

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