Application of aluminum alloy profiles in marine engineering
       At present, offshore oil rigs mainly adopt steel structure, and their advantages are obvious, but they also face rust, which has the problems of long-term use and high maintenance cost. Therefore, it is suitable for a steel with close strength, good durability and good effect. The new materials have long-term significance for the development of offshore engineering equipment, and the advantages of light weight, high strength, corrosion resistance, low maintenance cost and recyclability of aluminum profiles can meet the needs of development.


       Offshore Engineering has a wide range of connotations and scopes. Marine engineering equipment in a broad sense includes marine fishery equipment, marine oil and gas development equipment, marine transportation equipment, marine tourism equipment, marine power equipment, offshore construction equipment, etc. The narrowly defined offshore engineering equipment mainly refers to offshore oil and gas development equipment. Offshore oil and gas exploration includes exploration, development, production and decommission. From the initial geophysical exploration to the final stage of demolition, each link involves many offshore projects. equipment. Offshore oil and gas development equipment can be divided into drilling platforms, production platforms, and offshore engineering vessels. As the development of marine oil and gas resources continues to advance into the deep waters, the demand for marine engineering equipment is very broad.

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