The significance and influence of the metal-casting process on the 7075 aluminum alloy
        The significance and influence of casting process on 7075 aluminum alloy

        In addition to its use in daily life, 7075 aluminum alloy has also been used in important transportation fields, such as aerospace structural materials, and has now expanded into the automotive field. The continuous development of aluminum alloy technology has become the trend of the times.

The casting process is the main preparation method of the traditional aluminum alloy, but it has been difficult to meet the needs of preparing high-performance aluminum alloy. First, traditional processes have been difficult to further improve strength, plasticity, stiffness, heat resistance and corrosion resistance. Second, in the pursuit of high performance, the cost of casting process has risen rapidly due to the decrease in equipment and yield; third As the alloy content increases, the plasticity tends to decrease, so that the subsequent pressure processing costs increase and the yield decreases.

In the field of industrial materials. For a long time, the proportion of domestic construction profiles has been high, while the proportion of foreign industrial profiles is relatively high. Industrial profiles are often technically difficult and have high added value. From the application field, the construction industry is still the main field of aluminum profile application, far exceeding other fields, and consumption has increased year by year, accounting for more than 63% of total consumption as of 2009. In terms of regions, in North America, Europe and other developed regions, the average consumption of aluminum profiles in the industrial sector in 2009 has exceeded 50%, while the consumption of aluminum profiles in China is only 32%, with economic development and industrial technology. Increased, aluminum profiles have great potential for consumption in the industrial sector. It is estimated that the proportion of industrial aluminum profiles in 2015 will reach 45~50%. According to the relevant plans of the Chinese government, the proportion of industrial aluminum profiles in total aluminum consumption will be close to 70% in the next 10 years.

Therefore, the high cost of production has greatly increased the threshold for the use of advanced aluminum alloys, seriously affecting the development of the overall market size. In these respects, the spray forming process has the dual advantages of performance and comprehensive cost, which can reduce the threshold of the use of advanced 7075 aluminum alloy, and can further improve the performance, realize aluminum-based steel within a certain range, thereby rapidly cultivating advanced aluminum alloy. The market, and in turn, promotes the injection molding process to gain scale cost advantages. Therefore, the spray forming process will become the main production process of advanced aluminum alloys.

The casting process of aluminum alloy has far-reaching significance and influence on the development of 7075 aluminum alloy. If the aluminum alloy market is steadily improved, the casting process must be continuously updated and perfected. The improvement of each step process has irreplaceable significance to the overall process.

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