Lightweight aluminum alloy for transportation
At present, China's aluminum production capacity, output, consumption and export volume have already become a veritable status as a big country. Expanding aluminum consumption has become an important measure in the “13th Five-Year Plan” of the aluminum processing industry. How to expand aluminum consumption, we should indeed Respect the user's opinions or suggestions, do a good job in the "aluminum deep processing", so that aluminum is closer to the market consumer users.

As a boom in aluminum deep-processing products, the lightweight of automobiles has naturally ushered in the favor of many companies. Aluminum is the most environmentally friendly green metal with good processing properties, physical properties, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance. Because of its excellent comprehensive performance, large and important aerospace vehicles, as small as packaging containers, pots and pans, are inseparable from aluminum. The transportation industry is increasingly pursuing the goal of “speed and passion coexist”. At present, aluminum profiles are the most able to achieve this goal. Famous car manufacturers such as Land Rover, Audi and BMW are already using Jianmei and Ya. The aluminum products for transportation of aluminum and other companies are worthy of praise.

Aluminum production capacity is well controlled and aluminum prices are expected to rebound. Insiders pointed out that in the second half of the year, the macroeconomic policy, the global economy is still in the adjustment stage, the possibility of a rate hike in the second half of the United States is relatively large, and the series of effects after the Brexit is expected to gradually emerge. China’s economic transformation and restructuring are still There is a long way to go, and it is expected that the macro side will be the mainstream. In terms of fundamentals and supply, the reduction of production capacity of international aluminum smelters such as Rusal and Alcoa has come to an end. It is unlikely that further production will be reduced in the second half of the year. With the expansion of the aluminum market and the promotion of the group, some low-cost in the second half of the year Aluminum companies still have expansion plans, and this part of the production capacity is about 1.1 million tons. In terms of demand, in the second half of the year, large aluminum households such as real estate and automobiles will still operate weakly, and so-called new fields such as aluminum-based copper and aluminum-based steel will be developed. The progress is far behind expectations, and the substantial demand for electrolytic aluminum is limited.

The support for aluminum application policy has increased. On August 23, the China Nonferrous Metals Association Industrial Association said that it will focus on expanding the application of aluminum in the future, and strive to expand the application of aluminum by 6 million tons in three years. In addition, the application of copper will be expanded to improve product quality, grade and competitiveness, and further increase the domestic and global market share. For the deep processing of aluminum applications that are in the forefront, the policy support is no different. The lightweight aluminum for transportation has an important position in the application of aluminum. The introduction of this policy can be described as “one arrow and many sculptures”. ".

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