Factors affecting the trend of spot aluminum prices
Spot aluminum is a precious metal with more investment prospects. If investors want to gain income from the spot aluminum investment process, they must understand the factors affecting the price trend of spot aluminum and clearly determine how these factors affect the spot aluminum price trend. In order to accurately grasp the spot aluminum investment.


First, the relationship between supply and demand

     The price of aluminum will change according to whether the supply relationship of the market is balanced. When the supply relationship is balanced, the price of aluminum will fluctuate within a very small range, and vice versa. An important indicator of the supply relationship in the market is inventory, which can be divided into report inventory and non-report inventory. Reported stock refers to the amount of stock of aluminum in its designated delivery warehouse that is regularly published by various futures exchanges. Its decline will lead to an increase in demand for aluminum, and vice versa.

    Second, the electricity price factor

     The electrolytic aluminum industry is an intensive industry that relies on electricity and has a large demand for electricity. Therefore, in the development of electrolytic aluminum industry, we must consider the influencing factors of electricity price, which not only affects the production of electrolytic aluminum in China, but also affects the domestic and international aluminum price trends. 

    Third, aluminum application change trend factors

    Changes in the amount of aluminum used in industries such as wire and cable, automobile manufacturing, and construction engineering, as well as industrial adjustments, will have a significant impact on aluminum production and market prices.

    Fourth, the improvement and innovation of aluminum production process on aluminum price factors

    According to the rapid application of computer technology in the electrolytic aluminum industry, it can be predicted that with the popularization and wide application of high-capacity and high-efficiency intelligent aluminum electrolysis technology, the production cost of aluminum will continue to decline.

    V. Import and export policies and exchange rates

     Due to the tight supply of domestic alumina and the macroeconomic environment, the demand for aluminum cannot be increased too fast, and to a certain extent, it will be more conducive to promoting the export of domestic aluminum ingots. However, domestic aluminum ingot production has high energy consumption and high cost, which restricts the development of China's aluminum ingot industry. Therefore, it still needs to import a certain amount of aluminum every year to meet domestic demand, and China's adjustment of aluminum import and export tariffs will affect Domestic aluminum prices. Moreover, international aluminum price transactions are all denominated in US dollars, and the exchange rate of the two sides of the trade will also have a certain impact on the aluminum price, and so on.

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