How to solve the problem of low hardness of industrial aluminum profiles
When industrial aluminum profiles are produced and processed, how to control the hardness is the key. If it is slightly unqualified, it will cause trouble to the users. How to solve the problem of low hardness of industrial aluminum profiles?


1. Setting and control of aluminum profile aging furnace temperature: Generally, there is a certain error between the aging furnace temperature and the aging furnace surface temperature. When setting the table temperature, it should be set according to the actual temperature of the furnace. The market is closely watching the fluctuations in the aging furnace temperature.


2, aluminum profile aging insulation: rigorously in accordance with the process requirements for aging, insulation time should be appropriate to prevent under-aging or over-aging, resulting in insufficient hardness.


3, aluminum extrusion frame can not be too dense, there should be a gap between the material and material, especially the small material, thick material interval is not more ventilated, the pipe material and small materials, sheet materials when a box The pipe material is placed below to facilitate the aging cycle to supply air.


4. Before the aluminum profile is installed, the other special alloys of 6xxx should be separated from the ordinary 6063 alloys. Because of the production reasons, it is necessary to use the special alloy process for aging.


The extruded aluminum profiles are not used as finished products before they are aged, so generally, they must be aged to increase the strength. Generally, the aging can be divided into natural aging and artificial aging. At present, the production of 6xxx aluminum profiles is basically the latter.

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