Behind the hot bike sharing, the 6061 aluminum rod market is good.
       Recently, the popular domestic shared bicycle has started the burning of money. Before the recharge mode, the bicycles were free during the two sessions. The burning of the money is driving the shared bicycle manufacturers to kick their sleeves and work hard. According to Aladdin (ALD), at present, an aluminum rod manufacturer in Baotou has recently received a lot of orders from bicycle manufacturers. It is usually only a week to pull two aluminum rods. Now almost every day, one aluminum rod is pulled. These aluminum rods are mainly used. It is a 6061 aluminum alloy rod, which is nearly 300 yuan more expensive than an ordinary 6063 aluminum alloy rod.

In addition, at the recent meeting of the two conferences, “shared bicycles” also became a hot topic and became the focus of many representatives. The Minister of Transportation, Li Xiaopeng also said that sharing bicycles is a model innovation, and we must actively encourage and support them. Efforts will definitely develop well. In 2016, the shared bicycle industry has developed rapidly, and it has many problems for environmental protection travel and solving the public transportation pressure of urban travel.


       According to relevant data, the frenzy of bicycle launch is coming. Only the two giants of Mobike and Ofo will be close to 20 million in 2017, and the production capacity is expected to reach 30 million. But this still can't stop other shared bicycle brands from killing this ocean. According to public reports, there are about 15 to 20 shared bicycle brands on the market today, which have been launched in more than 30 cities across the country. Today, sharing bicycles not only increases horsepower in first-tier cities, but also gradually sinks into second, third and fourth-tier cities, which may be a massive launch.

       It is understood that individual companies share bicycles with novel design and full of technology, including all-aluminum body, solid explosion-proof tires, shaft drives, and IoT chips. The aluminum alloy material not only brings light weight to the bicycle, but also can withstand the test of outdoor sun and rain, has better rust prevention performance, and is more suitable for outdoor management of sharing bicycles. According to public data, the current weight of the small orange car with the aluminum alloy frame of the Mobike bicycle is 25 kg, and if half of the 30 million aluminum bicycles will directly drive the aluminum consumption of 375,000 tons, or another aluminum consumption this year. New hotspots.

       Aladdin (ALD) believes that the profitability of shared bicycles remains to be seen, especially the cost of all-aluminum bicycles is much higher than the cost of ordinary bicycles. We expect that this kind of burning war will not last long, especially when it sinks to three or four. Line cities are too difficult to profit, and may not be optimistic about driving aluminum consumption. However, due to the concentration of the above-mentioned bicycle production enterprises, the production of aluminum rods in some areas is positive.

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