7075 aluminum alloy into a new favorite of mobile phone body material?

Mobile phones have become a communication tool that people, especially the staff, cannot do without the staff. There are almost one person, some people even have two or three or more, but their bodies are made of materials, not everyone. Clear two Chu.

Among the world's three major mobile phone production groups (American Apple, South Korea's Samsung, China's Huawei), the use of aluminum, titanium, and magnesium. Titanium body is bright and strong, but the price is higher, the density is higher, 66.7% larger than aluminum; the density of magnesium is small, 36% lighter than aluminum, with silvery hue, but the intensity is better than aluminum. Low, corrosion resistance is far less than aluminum, and the price is more expensive than aluminum.

Therefore, aluminum is currently the best overall performance and cost-effective smartphone body material, and its recyclability and recyclability are also superior to titanium and magnesium. The aluminum, magnesium and titanium that the author says here include various alloys.

We know that the size of Apple's mobile phone - the screen size has been increased from iphone 5, giving the visual an unprecedented satisfaction, watching the mobile phone has become a wonderful enjoyment, has now been added to 140mm (5.5 inches). However, the fuselage material of the initial large-screen mobile phone has not been improved synchronously, and the thickness of the body is still thinning. As a result, the body of the iphone mobile phone is deformed by an external force, and even becomes curved, and sometimes it will be put down with carelessness. The baby's mobile phone is bent, and in some cases, the screen may be beaten and broken. This situation has not been fundamentally changed until the launch of iphone 6 plus. Apple is under increasing market pressure and users are increasingly complaining.

7075-type alloy turned out to solve the iphone 6S dilemma

In order to solve the problem of low bending performance of the previous generation iphone 6 plus mobile phone body, the aluminum industry recommended that Apple use the ultra-strength aluminum alloy 7075 plate for aerospace industry to process the fuselage, the new iphone 6S and iphone 6S plus are all used. The manufacture of the 7075 alloy sheet produced by Alcoa has achieved the expected good results, and the bending resistance has been greatly improved. The situation of bending when it is broken has disappeared, and the deformation has not occurred.

Introduction to 7075 alloy

The Model 7075 was developed by Alcoa for World War II aircraft and used to manufacture large bombers and fighters. It was finalized in 1944. It was 75S before July 1954 and registered with the American Aluminum Association in July 1954. Change to the unified four-digit grade 7075.

While studying the 75S alloy in the United States, Japan and the Soviet Union were also studying such alloys. In 1945 and 1946, they successfully developed such aluminum alloys, which are Al-Zn-Mg-Cu alloys. Their strength is larger than that of Al-Cu-Mg hard aluminum, so it is called super-hard aluminum, until it is still the most deformed aluminum alloy with the highest strength performance, and it is one of the most used aerospace aluminum alloys. It is listed as two aerospace aluminum alloys together with the 2024 type alloy.

For example, the front fuselage of the C919 aircraft, the passenger observation window frame, the middle fuselage long raft, the keel beam edge, the keel beam web, the floor turning beam, the mid-rear fuselage long stern and the cargo door frame, the head length and The edge strips, hatch frames, etc. are all made of different 7075 alloy materials. It can be said that without the support of the 7075-type aluminum alloy, a large passenger aircraft with such high value and lighter weight, more comfort and speed can not be produced.

7075 alloy application in the mobile phone industry

In the world of mobile phone body materials, the new iphone is not the only smart model that uses this super-strong material. South Korea's Samsung's new Note5 and S6 edge+ ultra-thin fuselage benefit from the use of 7075 alloy. Thanks to the excellent performance of the 7075 alloy, the stability of the two smartphones has reached an unprecedented height. Since then, there has been no turning, and no damage has occurred.

The 7075 alloy used by Samsung to make the new Note5 and S6 edge+ fuselage has a strong bending resistance, which is about 3 times higher than the previous body material.

Mobile phones and electronic products

There are many kinds of electronic products, and the aluminum materials used are also various, and the styles vary widely. Although the amount of individual products is not much, the output of electronic products is large, in millions, ten million pieces, some even hundreds of millions, and the replacement Fast, aluminum is widely used in the manufacture of mobile phone body and electronic product casing, and now almost no electronic products without aluminum.

Recently produced Apple and Samsung smartphones, some of Huawei's domestic mobile phone bodies are made of aluminum thick plate CNC, especially with 7075 alloy, while Samsung uses American Aluminum's 6013 Alcoa power plateTM thick plate. The equipment and technical strength of several factories in China should not be a problem in the production of this alloy thick plate, but it should not be taken lightly. For China's aluminum processing industry, this is still a new alloy, no production experience, but production. Experience with 6061 alloys because they belong to the Al-Mg-Si-Cu-Mn alloy.

In the current and future, the trend of thin and light mobile phones is an unstoppable trend. It needs stronger and better body materials to support. In the future, there will be more domestic mobile phones using 7xxx alloy thick plates as the fuselage material, but now The plates used are all produced by Alcoa. The import price is as high as 70,000 yuan/t, which is about 3.9 times that of the 3xxx alloy. In addition to the more complicated production process of the 7075 alloy than other alloys, foreign companies also I saw that China is still unable to produce aluminum alloy slabs of this type of mobile phone.

Therefore, China must get rid of this predicament as soon as possible, and make up for this short board. China's aluminum processing equipment is fully equipped with the conditions for producing such aluminum sheets. In fact, as early as 1957, Harbin aluminum processing (code--0-factor, now The Northeast Light Alloy Co., Ltd.), with the help of Soviet experts, successfully produced the aviation grade B95 (Soviet grade, equivalent to 7075) alloy material, and the author also participated in the project.

Of course, the processing technology of 7xxx alloy mobile phone body alloy sheet, including CNC cutting and anodizing coloring, is much more difficult than 6xxx alloy sheet. Whether it can solve these problems smoothly will become the alloy sheet can be promoted in domestic mobile phones. The key to the application.

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