Alloy aluminum plate quality is the lifeblood

The country must be strong, and the advanced and developed industrial production plays an important role. Recalling the past, China's industrial production level is low, even the most commonly used nails can not be produced, "foreign nails" record the backward industrial history, it is impossible to put an unforgettable humiliation. Today, the rapid development of industrial production in China has shocked the world. Alloy aluminum plate accounts for a large proportion of industrial production, and the scope of application is even more astounding.

The production process of alloy aluminum plate is complicated, the high requirements of scientific research funds, the high requirements of professional production, the high standards of quality inspection and the high density of product development, etc., every step must be tempered, and every time it is reborn It is infinite in spring. In the aluminum sheet industry, it is necessary to create quality products and build brands. The alloy aluminum plate is widely used, and various types of molds for household appliances, production, and transmission manufacturing are required. Even the cutting-edge aerospace equipment cannot be separated from alloy aluminum plates. The production of alloy aluminum plates is inseparable from science and technology. The special properties of alloy aluminum plates are the high-end technology for the production of scientific research. The original properties of aluminum have many weaknesses, and the addition of other alloying elements has doubled in value. The product has stable characteristics, and the indexes such as heat resistance, wear resistance, and strong molding degree meet the standards. Because the company has its own high-end alloy aluminum plate, the special alloy aluminum plate is not only for domestic use but also exported to Europe and the United States.

As an alloy aluminum plate manufacturer, the heavy responsibility is the driving force; new technology, high efficiency, low cost is the mission; meeting the certification standards, creating the world brand is the biggest goal!

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