Aviation industry boosts demand, aviation aluminum industry will usher in a new big growth
At the Harbor Intelligence Aluminium Summit in Chicago, the CEO of Kental Aluminium said the US space program is an important strategic development for the country's aerospace industry and will have a major impact on aluminum demand. NASA Director Stemple said he has discussed the issue of providing aluminum products to the US aerospace industry with aluminum companies like Blue Origin.

As the world leader in aluminum manufacturing, Kental Aluminium not only provides aluminum products for the aerospace, automotive, packaging, logistics and construction industries, but also has an advantageous position in the markets of aviation, general engineering sheets and large back gauges. The aerospace industry needs lightweight and sturdy metal materials that require higher levels of durability, compressive strength, and high temperature resistance. Kenlian Aluminum has been committed to developing advanced Airware technology to supply aluminum materials to NASA and the aerospace industry in the United States.

Kenlian Aluminum also cooperated with COMAC to discuss the material selection of the domestic large aircraft C919. For the first time, it appeared in the Chinese aircraft manufacturing market as a “technical consultant”.

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